$ASW Token Migration

Hello to our early token holders!

Important Message to the AdaSwap Fam:
We are undergoing a token migration to improve the AdaSwap platform and security before we go live! As part of our efforts to ensure the migration proceeds smoothly, see the detailed guide explaining how to participate in the migration below.
If you have contributed in the Pre-Seed and/or Seed, this will affect you as the old token will no longer be usable! Please follow the easy steps below to get your new token.
If you were not part of the Pre-Seed & Seed and/or do not hold any AdaSwap tokens there is nothing for you to do in this page, this does not affect you in any way.

If you hold our Cardano Native Tokens (not including tron or wrapped tokens), Please follow the registration process in order to swap our old tokens to our new tokens!

Here are a couple big changes:

  • Total Token Supply changed from 75B to 10B
  • KYC (You’ll get refunded +10% compensation in ADA if you are living in a restricted area)
  • Vesting (All of our token holders are vested)
  • If you do not accept our new terms, you’ll have an option to get refunded in ADA +10% compensation

We want to thank everybody for the understanding, a good project needs a good base.

Please note: Whoever hasn’t migrated their tokens by 15.3.22 will receive a refund in ADA of the original amount +10% compensation!

Once your application is sent, our team will go over the details and give you a final answer by email as well as the next steps to getting ready a SAFT, please note that if you need a faster reply and/or have a business partnership deal to introduce, please send us an email here: business@adaswap.app